Security Services

Based on our experience in designing and implementation of security solutions in the Public Transport, we have defined several generic Security Services that can be applied in any digital domain.

Key Management
For security solutions that are based on cryptography, Key Management Process is one of the crucial parts that guarantees overall security of the solution. A proven, secure and methodical approach to key generation, import, export, exchange and backup that encompass role division and transparency, is the key. Ralynx offers custom Key Management Services that will be adapted to your specific needs while guaranteeing process integrity.

HSM Management
Hardware Security Modules are considered one of the safest solutions for securing digital secrets and executing cryptographic operations. However, when you buy one it does not just magically work. Configuring an HSM must go hand in hand with network, applications, infrastructure architecture and security procedures to ensure the security of data being protected. Ralynx can help you define HSM architecture needed for your solution, configure, maintain and operate your HSMs.